Alessia AmoreSenior Scientist

Alessia has received her doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry (2006) from the University of Amsterdam in the group of Prof. Henk Hiemstra. In 2009, after a few years of research in bio-organic (at the VU in Amsterdam, as a Postdoc) and medicinal chemistry (at Dompè, a pharmaceutical company, in Italy), she joined the Chemical Biology group of Prof. Huib Ovaa at the NKI working on projects that merge different branches of science, and to apply chemistry for technology development. She obtained a IEF Marie Curie Fellowship to work on the total synthesis of a MHC class I platform. Besides the research on the MHC platform, she worked on the design and the synthesis of new small drug-like molecules with the aim to discover new drug targets. Since mid 2015, Alessia entered the ubiquitin field by joining UbiQ. In January 2017, she also joined the SumiQ team.